mikołaj laskowski
Works listed in reverse chronological order.
Deep Relaxation vol. 5: It's Your Body
instruments/media: 2 or more performers, electronics, earplugs, sound objects
duration: 20'
Deep Relaxation vol. 4: Self-Care
instruments/media: 2 or more performers, electronics, sound objects
duration: 20'
5 Things That Really Matter in 2018
instruments/media: flute, oboe, bass clarinet, french horn, trumpet, trombone, MIDI keyboard, percussion, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, double bass, electronics
duration: 11'
Outer Space
instruments/media: baritone saxophone, percussion, piano, electric guitar, electronics, video
duration: 10'
instruments/media: flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, percussion, violin, cello, electronics, video
duration: 10'
instruments/media: alto/bass flute, bass clarinet, harp, percussion, electronics, video
duration: 12'
Korprealism 1. Death and Wellness
instruments/media: flute, clarinet, baritone saxophone, trombone, percussion, electric guitar, violin, cello, double bass, electronics, video
duration: 13'
Deep Relaxation vol. 3: Isochronic Flute Subliminal Motivation
instruments/media: bass flute, electronics
duration: 7'
At the Opening of A Clockwork Orange, 1995 VHS
instruments/media: flute, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, sampler, violin, cello
duration: 9'
Deep Relaxation vol. 2: Accordions & Electronics Causing Situations and Preventing Change
instruments/media: 2 accordions, electronics duration: 30'
duration: 30'
Deep Relaxation Vol. 1: Accordion & Viola DNA Delete Mode
instruments/media: accordion, viola or violin, electronics
duration: 9'
Atlantis & ****
instruments/media: flute, bass and contrabass clarinet, harp, percussion, electronics
duration: 9'
Ach, Pocierać Woskową Buddę (Oh, to Rub the Waxy Buddah)
instruments/media: 2 samplers, piano, percussion, vibration loudspeakers
duration: 10'
Limbs of Sun
instruments/media: medieval organ (2 performers), flute, bass clarinet, trombone, piano, gongs (3 performers), cello
duration: 11'
Dzięcielina Pała
instruments/media: flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe, french horn, trumpet, vibraphone, harp
duration: 8'
Oh, Zoroaster... I Love You, Too... But....
instruments/media: cl. b, fg, cor, tr, trbn, tb, perc, pf, 2 vni, vla, vc, amplification
duration: 11'
Badly Stuffed Hands
instruments/media: 1 piano (3 performers), amplification
duration: 10'
instruments/media: positive organ
duration: 4-40'
Not for you (for chest organ)
instruments/media: positive organ
duration: 7'
The tiger left me unsatisfied
instruments/media: bass clarinet, violin, percussion, Hammond Organ/sampler, amplification
duration: 10'
'neath me, itch!
instruments/media: accordion, microphone, mixer, computer loudspeakers (2 performers)
duration: 13'30"
instruments/media: gamelan (6 performers) and string quartet
duration: 3'
Dalring in my deaf
instruments/media: clarinet, piano, cello
duration: 8'
flux in die blomster
instruments/media: accordion, cello, 2 megaphones (2 performers)
duration: 7'
instruments/media: fl, a. fl, cl, sxf. s, sxf t, cor, tr, 2 tbni, tb, perc. pf, e. gt, b. gt, 2 sopranos
duration: 3'
instruments/media: computer
duration: 10'
instruments/media: fl, cl, ob, fg, cor, tr, trbn, tb, perc, pf, 2 vni, vla, vc, cb, amplification
duration: 14'
instruments/media: computer
duration: 10'
Gezaar Aefir
instruments/media: string quartet, amplification
duration: 7'